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CPAP machine that meets all my expectations

Testimonial - Melvin

Many of you out there do not believe you may need a cpap or bipap machine because you do not realise you have a form of apnea , sleep apnea is known as many things but the bottom line is lack of oxygen getting into your lungs due to blockage of the airways there are so many so called fixes remedy’s. test yourself do you wake up tired ,during the day are you slightly sleepy want an afternoon nap or just relax your eyes are tired . your partner tells you you snore & or constantly keep waking up during the night buy hey you don’t know that you’re sleeping ? are you . I was diagnosed with severe apnea 15 years ago i had my first study done, bought a machine I used the machine for 2 years then stopped, i thought i was ok now, three years later whilst driving i nearly had a severe accident ,i was on the opposite side of a highway fortunately it was very late no traffic, some friends said you’re always looking tired ,bingo: i woke up my sleep apnea had returned dumb idiot it never went away i just didn’t know… Read more “CPAP machine that meets all my expectations”


Great services!

Testimonial - Brendon Winter

I am a sixty four year old overweight New Zealand male resident in Thailand for eighteen years. Almost three years ago, my Doctor, could find nothing to explain my lethargy and constant fatigue.. He suggested that I investigate Sleep Apnea… I had never heard of this so did some research.. This led me to NK Sleepcare.. My life has changed. I no longer wake up feeling tired My wife no longer complains of my snoring keeping her awake I no longer need an afternoon nap NK Sleepcare, completed an in home sleep test, their specialist reviewed the data, which showed I have severe sleep apnea.. NK lent me two machines to evaluate and I selected one of their CPAPs, it’s small, efficient, light, and easily carried on trips. With help from NK, my AHI dropped from 66 to less than 2. I now sleep like a baby!! NK staff, are professional, fluent in English(very important if you are a foreigner and cannot speak Thai) and have specialist skills in this field. Their post sales care and follow up is great…. If you have sleep issues, look no further, NK Sleepcare will take care of you.. E-mail:

Brendon P. Winter

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